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Finding Abraham is a wild, weird, award-winning documentary that follows a group of young Arabs and Israelis on a fast-paced historic road trip across Israel. Quirky, insightful, challenging, and with an outstandingly original musical score, Finding Abraham leads us through an emotional journey where the destination is Peace.

Everyone knows that Israel is a tough subject, but something has been changing recently. In the past, Jewish students were openly attacked for defending Israel but now they are being marginalized from progressive spaces just for being Jewish.
Suddenly groups that are fighting for human rights, civil rights, climate change and other causes no longer want to include Jewish students. As our lives have moved into digital spaces, so has this marginalization. Dive into this reality by hearing first-hand accounts of what students — and influencers like Blake Flayton, Peter Fox, Hallel Silverman and Julia Jassey — are experiencing today.
It’s not just their story, it’s yours too.

איזי - בייגלה (קליפ רשמי) | E-Z

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